What starts out like a sports commercials, gets you to tears three minutes later and ends up making you feel all warm and hopeful?


Ruck it is one of those films one simply can’t and shouldn’t ignore. On the top of it being very well made.
Kelvin DeSena, the director, answered our series of questions.

There is an ad in a newspaper with your photo in it. What does it say?
‘’If he can make films. Anyone can! Look at that melonhead!’’

When it comes to complexity and difficulty of producing an art work, filmmaking is very close to the top. What makes the whole journey, often unpleasant, worthwhile for you?
I’m no tortured artist nor do I see filmmaking as special. Yes it’s hard, but so is anything worth doing. I think we should spend less time talking about how hard it is and more time talking about how easy it is. Filmmaking has never been so accessible. More people should be doing it! It’s so much fun!

Why this film?
Honest answer is, I was approached to make it by a guy at Mencap. He had been to a private screening of a short documentary telling the story of a swimming club called Swim Dem Crew. He wanted to do something similar as they have some incredible stories to tell and we were lucky enough to be approached to make it! I thought it was an amazing opportunity and threw myself into it. Plus, I'm a big rugby fan as well!

You have unlimited budget, green light for your dream project and can cast anyone you want…
I would make an awful big budget film. It would probably have giant laser beams in the sky with Arnold Schwarzenegger lifting large heavy objects whilst delivering terrible one liners...actually that sounds pretty cool!!!
I think I would use the money to make five low budget films, casting new and exciting actors that can add a new voice. Would also be nice to have Riz Ahmed on board as well. I would love to see British Asians represented more in film as I think we have something to contribute.  

What are your future goals regarding filmmaking?
To make more and to get better, whilst making new friends and having a laugh, and if I can continue to pay my rent as well, then that would be a bonus.

Kelvin DeSena

Kelvin DeSena

Ruck it! will be screened on our May CineShots and we will have Kelvin DeSena there to talk to so get your questions ready, get your tickets here and we’ll see you Tuesday, 14.5. at 19.30!