The Monstrous Feminine

There’s monster films and there’s films about sexual assaults. But can you make a monster film about a sexual assault. If so - who’s gets to be the monster?

Instead of shooting blindly to try and guess the answers to the rather pointless questions at the beginning of this article see what Molly - the director - has to say.

There is an ad in a newspaper with your photo in it. What does it say?
Congratulations! This is not the Daily Mail!

When it comes to complexity and difficulty of producing an art work filmmaking is very close to the top. What makes the whole journey, often unpleasant, worthwhile for you?
I’ve always been interested in art and stories - film for me combines the best of both. The image can be meticulously crafted, like a painting, but the story can be so much more complex, like a novel. The harder the endeavour (and filmmaking can be a pain in the ass) the better the reward, and I am never happier than when, exhausted, finishing a long and stressful shoot.

Why this film?
I wrote the original 2 page script that would later become The Monstrous Feminine following an incident of sexual assault - the original script was pure anger. I wanted to kill my attacker, rip him apart, and I felt guilty about that ugly feeling. I wrote about a girl who becomes a monster because I wanted the strength to hurt the people who hurt me, but also recognised that hatred as an evil thing. Making this film was very personal but also very cathartic for me, and as the writing process developed, the story became more about the tragic character of Claire. I wanted to follow the tradition of the rape-revenge horror genre, (wrote about by Barbara Creed in her book The Monstrous Feminine), and contribute to a genre I love with a female gaze.

You have unlimited budget, green light for your dream project and can cast anyone you want...
A Queer remake of An American Werewolf in London! I’d want some fantastic older British actress to play Dr Hirsch, someone like Emma Thomson or Meera Syal (a fellow Midlands lass).

What are your future goals regarding filmmaking?
My goals regarding filmmaking are to direct a short coming of age comedy written by my partner, which is currently in its draft stage. More immediately, I plan to go back into education and get my masters in film studies.

Any Instagram, Twitter or websites where your future fans can stalk you?
My instagram is @literalbees, although it is in no way a professional account! My business page is currently under construction .

Molly Stapleton

Molly Stapleton

Bending genres and spreading a message that might change - and save - people’s lives is very honorable.
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