2:40 to London

It’s surreal, has a sneaky plot, a lot of lumbersexual and chilli with a secret ingredient!

It’s also an award-winning short film made by an award-winning director (and that’s a lot of awards won in a sentence!)
Meet Gavin, a Northern-Irish writer/director based in London. He’s studied film in Wales, was also a photographer, artist and a musician. An all-around guy one could say.

Gavin Irvine

Gavin Irvine

We’ve dared to ask Irvine a couple of questions just so you get to know him better before watching his film and chatting with him live.

CineShots: There is an ad in a newspaper with your photo in it. What does it say?

Gavin Irvine: The newspaper: Practical Pigs
Headline: Dependably fresh. Dependably delicious. Cookstown Sausages are the best!

CS: When it comes to complexity and difficulty of producing an art work filmmaking is very close to the top. What makes the whole journey, often unpleasant, worthwhile for you?

GI: Being tied to the whipping post.

CS: Why this film?

GI: Because I missed the 1:40 to London.

CS: You have unlimited budget, green light for your dream project and can cast anyone you want...

GI: I'd have a time machine built and nip back to collect Betty Davis, Charles Laughton, Peter Sellers, Oliver Reed and Marlon Brando.

CS: What are your future goals regarding filmmaking?

GI: Not to miss the 2:40 to London again, not to be tied to the whipping post again, hope that my Cookstown Sausages are always dependably fresh and dependably delicious, and that someone builds me a time machine soon

Gavin’s film 2:40 to London will be screened at CineShots 16.4.2019. Enjoy the trailer below!