How Does Your Home Work?

A questions that seems a bit out of place when you see it the first time but makes so much sense as soon as you start watching the film.


Our homing hawks have honorably hovered to Dori who directed the film with our six qeustions. Here’s what they brough back:

If of all your superpowers you could only keep one - which one would it be?
Heal physical pain.

When it comes to complexity and difficulty of producing an art work filmmaking is very close to the top. What makes the whole journey, often unpleasant, worthwhile for you?
Unpleasant: pressured by time / worthwhile: things fall into place on the timeline as well as in front of the camera.

Why this film?
It connects people through an everyday experience that we would otherwise just deal with and forget about it and reflects on a cultural phenomenon at the same time.

You have unlimited budget, green light for your dream project and can cast anyone you want...
I would mix animation techniques made by Joseph Pierce and live action and show how we are trapped in our trauma and create loops of suffering in our/each other's lives with a deep sense of humour and compassion towards the human condition.

What are your future goals regarding filmmaking?
Submitting our haiku video project that I'm currently developing with my best friend based in Hungary to DELETE TV festival, short film festivals and art galleries. Creating a website where I build up my brand 'Off the record' that promotes non commercial videography only (businesses disguised as charities are not on my radar.)

Any Instagram, Twitter or websites where your future fans can stalk you?
None. I'm thin air.

Dori Balczo

Dori Balczo

To see how British homes work you will have to pop down to Streatham Space Project Tuesday, 8.10. at around 19.30 and either get your tickets by the door or save a pound and get them HERE.