CineShots 2.0

A month passed quicker than we could say ‘Blueberry pie’ and lo and behold here is the second edition of CineShots!

We are very happy to present six fresw, original and entertaining shorts, all accompanied by their creators for our Q&A.
The lineup is especially interesting as the films represent all sorts of genres.
Here’s what you’ll be watching this Tuesday:

  • Idle Interatcions

  • Molly & Noel

  • Our Kind of Love

  • Sleep Tight, Don't Let the Existential Crisis Bite!

  • The Postman

  • When Saturn Returns

Tickets still available (click click!)

Whoever won’t be with us will most definitely be somehwere else!

'When Saturn Returns' on CineShots 2.0

There’s all kinds of love stories and all kinds of ways to tell them.
When Saturn Returns picked a certain kind of love story we haven’t really seen on screen yet. With a witty script, masterful camera and amazing locations this short is a pleasant dessert.
Mihai Bruma - the Moldovian creator of this gem - is defenitely one to look out for.

Enjoy the trailer and make sure you get your tickets -

CineShots v1.0 - Success!

The very first CineShots had everything a successful birth has - nurveousness, heavy breathing, observes, seven short films, Q&A, laughther, tears, drinks, chit-chat and the world’s most beautiful baby (and the world’s proudest parents)!


We couldn’t be happier with the short films people have sent our way to screen them.
Quite a few filmmakers in the audience lead to some serious film talk insightful Q&A which later on turned into pints and a rather cheerful networking event.


What surprised me the most was the feedback from the guests as everyone seemed to be craving for an event like this. Meaning CineShots is bound to have a long journey ahead.
See you next month!